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How The Best Marketing Agencies Do Client Reporting

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How The Best Marketing Agencies Do Client Reporting 


Customers want agencies who work hard for them. One of the challenges agencies face is being able to effectively demonstrate the value provided when reporting on campaigns.

Do your marketing reports truly show where the wins are happening or are they more a listing of stats that are hard to understand? Marketing metrics without context or the ability to clearly show the impact on business are not effective. So what are the best marketing agencies doing in terms of client reporting?

Join Adriel Michaud, Partner at Top Draw marketing agency and Sean Leonard, CEO of ActiveDEMAND to hear about the strategies top performing agencies are using to demonstrate value for their customers. Learn how one marketing agency is doing it right.



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How The Best Marketing Agencies Do Client Reporting

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Featured Presenters

Adriel MichaudAdriel Michaud,
Partner, Top Draw

  • Partner and Director of SEO at Top Draw
  • Committed to maximizing ROI for his clients
  • Understands how effective internet marketing can drive business forward, which sets them apart from the competition.
  • Uses fact-based approach to web analysis that translates into business process improvement and online success.

Sean LeonardSean Leonard,

  • CEO and founder of ActiveDEMAND
  • Dedicated to helping businesses with advanced emarketing strategies, marketing automation technology, sales and marketing expertise that is simple effective, and affordable.
  • Entrepreneur with more than twenty-five years of successful experience launching, owning, operating and growing businesses.

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