The Basics of List and List Management


The Basics of List and List Management

Quick question! What is an important part of campaigns that seems really simple but actually can be a little tricky and is often misunderstood? If you answered lists and list management, you are correct!

This month Adriel is tackling the basics of lists and list management. He will go beyond just understanding the differences between a static and dynamic list and dive right into some of the things that can trip up building and using your list in a campaign.

Sign up for this webinar and join Adriel as he covers:

  • Building dynamic contact lists vs static
  • What's the difference between contact lists and contact segments
  • Triggering campaigns based on lists
  • Using lists and segments in the All Contacts screen
  • Filtering vs Suppression lists
  • Uploading contact lists
  • Synchronizing contacts with a CRM

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Adriel Michaud Adriel Michaud 
VP of Sales and Marketing, ActiveDEMAND


"Great presentation again. Really appreciate you putting these out and doing them so frequently. Support and training resources are very well done." - Bill M.