Built for Marketing Agencies


with tightly integrated Marketing Automation


ActiveDEMAND integrates seamlessly with Pipedrive to form a remarkable marketing and sales power-platform

Easily sync your marketing leads with your sales CRM.

  • One click import of contacts into ActiveDEMAND
  • Bi-directional communication between ActiveDEMAND and Pipedrive
  • Qualified Leads are automatically pushed into Pipedrive
  • Full mapping of all fields across the two platforms
  • Automatically create new deals in the right funnel stage!

Finally, you can see what marketing is doing from within Pipedrive!


"ActiveDEMAND’s integration adds a powerful set of marketing automation tools to the Pipedrive arsenal."

 Steve Oriola, CEO, Pipedrive


ActiveDEMAND + Pipedrive, a fully integrated sales and marketing automation solution

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All-In-One Marketing Tool for Driving Leads

The ActiveDEMAND is an effective integrated online marketing tool for business owners and marketers alike. Combine email marketing, dynamically optimizing landing pages, social media marketing tools, reporting & tracking and more in one easy to use environment.


Phone Call Tracking

Call tracking isn't just about accurately measuring online and offline campaign performance - it's also about running a more efficient businesses. With call tracking, calls can be directed to specific departments and even to specific sales people - automagically.



Select a local or toll free phone number from a pool and assign it to your campaign. You can use different numbers for different advertising mediums.


Deploy your campaign and watch the phone calls come in.


Calls are then forwarded, without delay, to your sales, support or other department or even to a specific sales person.


A detailed call report is available in real-time which can include referring sources, web pages visited, etc. An automated email can be configured.


Build Awesome Landing Pages

Build effective landing pages easily and without involving your IT department. With responsive call-to-action landing pages you can be confident they will look great on desktops, tablets, phones and more. Having the right content displayed to the right contact ensures your campaigns are always successful.



Nurture Campaigns

Sometimes prospects are not quite ready to buy and need a bit more information. Wouldn’t you want those messages to be supplied automatically? ActiveDEMAND’s nurture marketing enables you to target a specific message to specific people to keep them engaged with your brand.


Dashboard Reporting

ActiveDEMAND has a full set of reporting and visualization tools that allow you to visualize your campaign effectiveness like never before. Unlike Google Analytics, ActiveDEMAND will tell you who is doing it and where they are.


Built for Marketing Agencies

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