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Webcast: Marketing Automation for B2B Companies

Learn How Marketing Automation Helps B2B Companies

Marketing Automation for B2B Companies

Title: Marketing Automation for Industrial Automation
Language: English
Length: 43 minutes
Presenter: Sean Leonard, B.Sc Eng. CompE, Msc (CompE), MBA

Generating demand for commercial products lik those used in industrial automation is not well understood by most vendors, resellers & system integrators. There are many great industrial automation products available that provide real value to both the process control and discrete manufacturing industry. The shortcoming of many businesses is getting the products to market. Relying on a sales person or department without marketing support is expensive. 

Attend this webinar and learn how to leverage marketing automation to reach prospects that sales departments can't.

After viewing this webcast you will have learned:

  • How growing a company or product is a demand equation
  • The relationship marketing & sales must have to be successful
  • What a marketing & sales funnel looks like for industrial automation
  • What is marketing automation for B2B companies
  • Examples of marketing campaigns to promote industrial automation products
  • How marketing automation can increase closed opportunities
  • If marketing automaton right for your business
  • And more...

Who should view this webcast?

  • Industrial automation company owners
  • Vice Presidents
  • Sales & Marketing Managers
  • Product Managers

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