How To Boost AdWords ROI with Conversion Tracking

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How To Boost AdWords ROI with Conversion Tracking 

Are you managing your advertising investment wisely? Are they resulting in conversions like sign-ups, downloads, purchases or phone calls? Without some form of conversion tracking and attribution you don't know if your ad spend is effective.

Learn how to track the data you need, measure ad performance and optimize your ads and conversion rates to match your business needs. Not only does conversion tracking provide the information needed to improve your ROI, the data can be used to personalize your website and landing page, adjust audience lists and more.

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How To Boost AdWords ROI with Conversion Tracking

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Featured Presenters

Phil Frost Phil Frost,
COO, Main Street ROI

  • Founder and COO of Main Street ROI
  • Leads the company’s operations and is primary creator of Main Street ROI’s training programs.
  • An expert in online advertising, marketing analytics, and sales funnel optimization.
  • When not working, enjoys running “barefoot” (wears huarache sandals since his wife no longer lets him run totally barefoot) in Central Park in New York City.

Sean Leonard Sean Leonard,

  • CEO and founder of ActiveDEMAND
  • Dedicated to helping businesses with advanced emarketing strategies, marketing automation technology, sales and marketing expertise that is simple effective, and affordable.
  • Entrepreneur with more than twenty-five years of successful experience launching, owning, operating and growing businesses.

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