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What Can the Magic of Personalization Do For You?

You can use dynamic content to:

  • Show relevant industry case-studies to targeted segments
  • Adjust testimonials for your visitor's industry
  • Pitch the perfect features or services to each client
  • Change the CTA based on what you want prospects to do next
  • and more...

With personalization, connect with your customers on a custom basis. Marketing that speaks directly to the customer can speak to their specific needs.



This page has been personalized specifically for you. Keep scrolling to see what we think we know about you:

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What we think we know about your organization

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Org phone number: (800) 658 4305


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    How do we do all of this?

    ActiveDEMAND has unparalleled personalization because we're able to detect and market to prospects based on what we learn about them.You see , once we detect these signals, we can take appropriate marketing action to personalize our offers.

    • Dynamically change content on the website for your company
    • Change what email types go out
    • Change content in emails
    • Set prospects on different retargeting lists for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.
    • Pitch different products or services on our website

    With this personalization, you connect with your customers on a more custom basis. Marketing can speak directly to the customer, it doesn't have to be generic.

    See what ActiveDEMAND can do.

    Book a demo and we will give you the tour, or take a free trial and see it for yourself.


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