Supercharge Your Campaigns: Understanding Workflow Basics


Supercharge Your Campaigns: Understanding Workflow Basics

You have been working in ActiveDEMAND for a little bit and probably have set up a simple campaign - a newsletter or promotional email campaign. Pretty straightforward right? But it doesn't do much. The email goes out and the data comes back.

What if you want to follow up with a different email based on the action taken by the receiver, or process leads differently based on how they contacted your business, or manage who receives notifications from the appointment scheduler? All of these things and more can be done when you start building workflows.

This month, Sean will be covering the basics of workflows. There are several time-slots to pick from in the form so you can pick a time that is most convenient for you. In this chat he'll discuss: 

  • The steps to get started and using the drag and drop editor
  • Decision steps vs action steps
  • Query context and the query builder
  • When to use Lead Processing vs Campaign Workflows
  • Tips and Best Practices

Lots of questions are encouraged! We want to offer the most value to you with this series so feedback about the presentation and content is always welcome and appreciated.

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