How To Sell Marketing Automation Services to Your Prospects and Clients


How To Sell Marketing Automation Services to Your Prospects and Clients

Are you selling marketing automation to your prospects and could use some assets to include in your pitch? Maybe you would like some strategies on how to pitch these services? Or maybe you want to sell marketing automation to your prospects and clients, but you are unsure how to start?

This month we are presenting a new exclusive webinar for ActiveDEMAND Agency Partners only and Adriel will be talking about how to sell marketing automation services to your prospects and clients. Included with the webinar you will have access to links to our How to Sell Marketing Automation Services video and PowerPoint pitch decks that can be white-labeled. Use the decks in their entirety or pull sections or single slides to include in your own pitch deck.

What will be covered:

  • Knowing Your Goals: the key to selling marketing automation services is to start with the client’s goal in mind.
  • The Pitch: ActiveDEMAND provides pitch decks and other resources to use or incorporate into your organization’s deck. Adriel will review those decks and give you the speaker's notes on how to present them.
  • After the Sale: best practices to training marketers to become specialists to survive and thrive.

Lots of questions are encouraged! Feedback about the presentation and content is always welcome and appreciated.

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