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Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation: Why It Matters To Your Business

What Is the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation? Why Was It Made Law? How Will It Affect Your Company?

What Is CASL?

CASL is the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation that went into effect on July 1, 2014. CASL legislates the sending of commercial electronic messages (CEM) to residents of Canada.

Why Was It Made Law?

Its purpose is to protect Canadians from spamming or other forms of unwanted electronic solicitations and applies to any mode of electronic transmission of commercial messages.

How It May Affect Your Business?

Businesses and other professional organizations that fail to abide by CASL legal standards and continue to send any form of electronic communication to any resident of Canada without prior consent by the recipient will be punished by the Canadian government with a fine up to $10 million dollars.

Is Your Business CASL Compliant?

Does your organization have a system in place to manage your commercial electronic messages (CEM) in compliance with the new Canadian Anti-Spam Law? Not sure? JumpDEMAND offers a short 5-step survey questionnaire to help you assess if your organization has the processes and tools in place to comply with the new legislation.

Is Your Business Ready? Take the Survey and find out today.


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