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Guide: Funnels and Funnel Builder Basics

The customer journey and the path through the funnel has always been at the core of marketing. And while this concept remains solid, the ever-changing technology of our fast paced world constantly keeps us on our toes with new marketing channels to explore. With more devices and methods clamoring for buyers' attention, guiding your prospective customer through the funnel is more important than ever before.

Get more leads and scale your agency quickly with funnels!

A funnel is a framework that plans the path, automates the work, monitors the progress, and captures the final results. The right funnel builder will help you plan, build, monitor funnels and report on results. The guide discusses what funnels are and what aspects to look for in a builder.

What really drives success is the value your agency offers to your end clients, so this guide also outlines the best way to attract your prospects and funnel them towards engaging with your agency and your unique brand offering.

The Funnel Guide will discuss:

  • What is a funnel
  • Details of the funnel process
  • What are the main aspects of a funnel builder
  • Discuss the full cycle of the campaign, including planning, execution, monitoring and reporting


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