A Review on How to Use Goals in ActiveDEMAND


A Review on How to Use Goals in ActiveDEMAND

Setting up Goals in your campaigns is an excellent way to measure the performance of your campaigns and whether they are meeting their key metrics. And since the concept of Goals is so simple, they sometimes can be misunderstood and misused. Not sure if you are using Goals correctly? Or maybe you could use a review on the different goals and how they can be used within your campaigns.

This month, Adriel is going to deep dive into goal strategy, how it works in ActiveDEMAND, and how to best configure goals for reporting.

Join us and learn more on:

  • ActiveDEMAND Conversions vs Goals
  • Goals and campaigns
  • Goals built with the query engine
  • Workflow action goal completions
  • Metadata goal completions

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Featured Presenters

Adriel Michaud Adriel Michaud 
VP of Marketing & Sales, ActiveDEMAND


"Great presentation again. Really appreciate you putting these out and doing them so frequently. Support and training resources are very well done." - Bill M.