Branding Guidelines


We Have a Brand! Here are the Rules!

While we are not super uptight about the rules surrounding our brand, we do have branding guidelines to ensure a consistent look, feel, and message across all channels.


1. Logo

The preferred way to use our logo is on a white or light background with the default logo design which includes the ActiveDEMAND brand text colors of grey and black, and the ActiveDEMAND brand color orange arrow.


If the logo is placed on a dark background, the default logo design with the ActiveDEMAND brand text colors of grey and white, and the ActiveDEMAND brand color orange arrow should be used.


If the logo is placed on a colored background that interferes with any of the logo colors a completely white logo or grey-scale logo may be used.

Please observe a minimum of 50 pixels of space around the logo.


2. Logo Don'ts


  • Change the logo’s orientation.

  • Add extraneous effects to the logo. This includes but is not limited to: bevel and emboss, lighting effects and drop shadows.

  • Place the logo on busy photography.

  • Change the logo colors.

  • Attempt to recreate the logo.

  • Scale the logo without maintaining proportions.

  • Make alterations, additions, or substitutions to the words or colors contained in the logo.

  • Use the logo as a repeated pattern, ‘wallpaper’, or another decorative device.



3. Icon

The ActiveDEMAND icon can be used in a square or circle or subtly styled to fit into social media icon sets. The icon can be placed on most color backgrounds (but looks best on a white or transparent background). 

4. Icon Don'ts


  • Change the color of the icon to fit your campaign colors.

  • Remove the core elements of the design or attempt to redraw.

  • Rotate the icon.

  • Stretch or distort the icon.

  • Add any additional typography to the icon.


5. Colors

These are our primary logo colors. They are used specifically in our logo and sparingly elsewhere for emphasis.

#666666 #000000 #ff5a00


Supporting Colors

In addition to our logo colors, these make up our core color palette.

#e05b48 #334d5c #efc749 #42b29b #ff5a00


6. Typography

Print on White:

  • “Active”: Arial Regular, Tracking = -85, Proper case, Pantone 424C, C:30 M:22 Y:19 K:53, R:108 G:111 B:112, HTML: #666666

  • “DEMAND”: Arial Bold, Tracking = -85, All capitalized, Pantone Process Black C, C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:100, R:30 G:30 B:30, HTML: #000000

  • “Arrow”: Pantone 158C, C:0 M:54 Y:95 K:0, R:227 G:114 B:34

Print on Black:

  • Active”: Arial Regular, Tracking = -85, Pantone Cool Gray 7 C, C:43 M:35 Y:35 K:1, R:153 G:153 B:153, HTML: #999999

  • “DEMAND”: Arial Bold, Tracking = -85, White

  • “Arrow”: Pantone 158C, C:0 M:54 Y:95 K:0, R:227 G:114 B:34

'Arrow' Design Specifications:

  • Length: Overall length is equal to the word “DEMAND”

  • Overall Height: 75% of the height of the word “DEMAND”