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Behavioral Segmentation

ActiveDEMAND’s behavioral segmentation software uses data collected on prospects to automatically adapt the engagement experience. Unlike static marketing segmentation strategies that use geographical or demographic criteria for categorizing prospects, ActiveDEMAND enables the marketer to personalize and adapt the marketing assets and online ads based on individuals behaviors and actions.


Predictive Personalization Features

ActiveDEMAND predictive personalization performs content targeting automatically. ActiveDEMAND understands the interests of your prospects through the interactions with your inbound and outbound marketing efforts. Based on a person's profile, ActiveDEMAND serves up the most relevant content. 


Dynamic Content

Dynamic email and website Content is sync’d with your marketing database and so call-to-actions are dynamically personalized.

Automatic Segmentation

With ActiveDEMAND predictive personalization, peoples interests are mapped automatically to the content offered

Predictive Send

Predictive Send is based on a contact's dynamically created activity profile. E-mails arrive when the prospect wants.


ActiveDEMAND’s Call Tracking uses CallForensics to analyze conversations and build keyword profiles for each caller.


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ActiveDEMAND gives you the edge needed to scale your business!


Behavioral Retargeting

ActiveDEMAND enables the marketer to personalize and adapt the marketing assets and online ads based on individuals behaviors and actions. When you use ActiveDEMAND real-time behavioral re-targeting you’ll see a lift in conversions which means you’re getting more from your existing traffic.



Take control of your ads with ActiveDEMAND audience automation. Adapt the ad audience to the buyer signals and changes in the buyer journey.



Custom Audiences

ActiveDEMAND lets you automate the engagement with Facebook advertising.




Google AdWords
Customer Match Audiences

Automate the process of pushing your custom audience to Google for retargetting. No more uploading CSV files.




Custom Audiences

Stop advertisng to people who purchased. Drive stage based messaging automatically!


Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring allows marketers to track prospect behaviors and web activity, so they can determine the prospect’s level of engagement and their fit with the desired customer profile.


Measurable ROI

Advanced lead scoring gives marketers the ability to prioritize and qualify leads, increasing ROI.

Improve Conversion Rates

Accurate lead scoring, marketers can provide targeted, relevant material at the time the prospect needs it, greatly enhancing conversion rates.

Aligned Sales and Marketing

Having a clearly defined, discreet criteria both sales and marketing agree on is critical to proper alignment.

Customized Lead Scoring

ActiveDEMAND lets you define what a lead is and then does the work to filter sales ready leads from those that still require nurturing.


Sales and Marketing Integration

ActiveDEMAND integrates seamlessly with popular CRM platforms to synergize a powerful sales and marketing “power platform.” This means managers and other users have the opportunity to “supercharge” the application, taking the concept of optimizing ActiveDEMAND for small and medium-sized businesses to a whole new level.


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