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Webcast: 5 Ways to Help Resellers and Channel Partners Sell More

Get Your Partners Selling More.

5 Ways to Help Resellers and Channel Partners Sell More

Title: 5 Ways to Help Resellers and Channel Partners Sell More
Language: English
Length: 1 hour
Presenters: Eric Murphy

Many Industrial Companies look at indirect sales channels such as distributors, system integrators or value-added resellers to drive growth and expand their market penetration. If mismanaged, partner relationships can be a drain on resources rather than an asset for long-term growth. Misaligned objectives or incentives, and other communication issues can derail relationships before they have an opportunity to succeed.

How can vendors and distributors better work together to get the most out of their partnership?

Find out how, along with::

  • Common pitfalls with growing through Indirect Sales Channels, and strategies to overcome them.
  • The Sales and Marketing technological infrastructure to support partner channels.
  • Building a strong value proposition for the channel Partners.
  • Creating the most effective market strategy to drive lead generation and sales growth.


This webinar is for:

  • Industrial automation company owners, CEO, Presidents and Vice Presidents
  • Distributors, vendors, systems integrators (SI), technology and value-added resellers (VARs)
  • Sales Channel Managers and Sales Managers
  • and anyone dealing with the Sales and Marketing of partnership programs.

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