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Marketing Tools: Marketing Report Template

Marketing Tools: Marketing Report Template

Gathering metrics and reporting is a key part of a marketer's job, but it also can be the time consuming and difficult.  Measurement the first step on the road to marketing optimization. Without Measurement there can be no improvement. That being said, raw data without context is of very little use. 

To make your job easier, we've created this 'Marketing Report Template' Excel spreadsheet, to give you a head start. This marketing reporting template can be used to help you build a story around your marketing measurement.  It will make your reporting faster and easier, so you can spend more time generating demand.

This template will allow you to:

  • Track monthly growth of your Visitors, Conversions, and Social Performance
  • Measure your lead conversion sources
  • Accurately track which social channels are most effective

Download your template now, and start saving time.

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