Marketing Funnel Builder


Marketing Funnel Builder

ActiveDEMAND recently introduced two new tools to the campaign interface: A Funnel Builder, and a Funnel Analytics view. These are fantastic additions that help you visually plan your marketing campaigns and visualize the customer journey your prospects will follow as they move through the campaign.

You may be thinking, "That's nice, but why do I need that?". Here's why:

  • Show clients and stakeholders how your strategy will work and how all the pieces fit together
  • With ActiveDEMAND Funnel Analytics, get metrics of how each marketing channel is performing and know how many visitors, MQLs, and Sales are being driven by each channel
  • Demonstrate to clients and stakeholders which marketing channels and campaigns are driving their business with a campaign summary of analytics and reports that highlights campaign KPIs and revenue generated

In this month's webinar Sean will be talking about the new marketing funnel builder. He will cover:

  • Why it's important for agencies and marketers to use a marketing funnel builder
  • Providing a single source of truth for the entire customer journey
  • How to use the marketing funnel builder in the campaign editor
  • Tracking and displaying metrics to see how each channel is performing
  • Reporting and analytics with campaign summary reports
  • Examples of how you could use the marketing funnel builder in your campaigns

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"Great presentation again. Really appreciate you putting these out and doing them so frequently. Support and training resources are very well done." - Bill M.