Tasks & Account Management in ActiveDEMAND


Tasks & Account Management in ActiveDEMAND

We recently released marketing Tasks in ActiveDEMAND making it easy to set up and check off all your Tasks. But there is so much more you can do!

Adriel will cover the nuts and bolts of creating, tracking, and completing Tasks but then he'll show you the really fun stuff beyond the basics.

Lastly, Adriel will show you how ActiveDEMAND Tasks can be used for account management which is much more efficient than a spreadsheet or whiteboard.

Sign up for this webinar and join Adriel as he covers:

  • Task basics
  • Managing your tasks
  • Assigning people to tasks
  • Automating tasks
  • Add setup Tasks to account template for onboarding
  • How you can use Tasks for account management
  • Use cases for ActiveDEMAND tasks

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Adriel Michaud Adriel Michaud 
VP of Sales and Marketing, ActiveDEMAND


"Great presentation again. Really appreciate you putting these out and doing them so frequently. Support and training resources are very well done." - Bill M.