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Setting Up Recurring Webinars in ActiveDEMAND

Setting Up Recurring Webinars in ActiveDEMAND

Join Sean on October 22nd, 2020, at 12:00 pm (EDT)

We are pretty excited about this new feature in ActiveDEMAND. Webinars and online presentations are now more important than ever to organizations with restrictions on in-person events. But the ability to create multiple events at once has been difficult at best.

ActiveDEMAND has always had a webinar template to make building and managing webinars easier. Now we have taken it a step further so you can build multiple time-slot or multiple-day webinars within one campaign.

So if you are using webinars or plan to do more webinars as part of your marketing strategy, this chat will definitely be worth your while.

What will be covered:
• Traditional approaches and why they don't work
• The Recurring Webinar In A Box template
• Recurring webinar basics - promotion, registration, post-registration processes
• Targeting emails in specific timeslots vs using webinar dynamic fields
• Setting up the campaign in GoToWebinar
• Best practices and tips

Lots of questions are encouraged! We want to offer the most value to you with this series so feedback about the presentation and content is always welcome and appreciated.


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Setting Up Recurring Webinars in ActiveDEMAND

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