Built for Marketing Agencies

ActiveDEMAND Agency Marketing Software

Designed for Marketing Agencies

An integrated marketing and reporting solution for marketing agencies

ActiveDEMAND Agency Marketer is an integrated marketing platform designed for the marketing agency. ActiveDEMAND gives agencies a competitive advantage by helping deliver real value to clients.

  • Manage Multiple Clients
  • White-labelling Included
  • Individual Client Dashboards
  • Extensive Reporting and Automatic Scheduling
  • And so much more....

ActiveDEMAND tracks and reports the performance of your campaigns… not just traffic data but prospect conversions and leads as well. Show your clients what you do for them and don't take a lot of time doing so!


We’re able to market more effectively to potential clients and we’re able to provide a new marketing solution for our clients that has provided us with a competitive edge..

 Kevin W., POD Marketing Inc.

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The ActiveDEMAND Advantage

ActiveDEMAND gives you a full box of online marketing tools all in one place. Execute professional campaigns for all your clients and all in one place with the integrated marketing platform. 


Increase Opportunities for Client Retainers

ActiveDEMAND Agency Marketer helps create a strategic relationship with your clients. ActiveDEMAND integrates seamlessly and easily into client websites to collect contacts activity and history which is used to turn website visitors into sales ready leads.


Call Tracking

With ActiveDEMAND, you can easily add a call tracking number to any online or offline campaign. Measure the true performance of a campaign and report it to your clients. Learn more

Nurture Campaigns

Set-up nurture campaigns and let ActiveDEMAND automatically market to your client’s contacts based on their interests. It’s all done with an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Lead Scoring

For your clients with longer sales cycles or more complex sales, the built-in ActiveDEMAND lead scoring enables you to define what constitutes a lead. Leads are then automatically delivered to your client with your branding.

Deliver Sales-Ready Leads

Do more than just deliver a monthly report to your clients. Keep you and your brand in front of them all month long. ActiveDEMAND sends out lead notifications in real-time with your name on them.


Credit Where Credit is Due

Once you start using ActiveDEMAND to help manage your client’s marketing initiatives, your clients won’t think of looking for another agency. ActiveDEMAND ensures you stand out from the competition.


Prove Your Results

ActiveDEMAND makes marketing agencies look good. The automatic capture of campaign performance metrics enables you to demonstrate to your clients the impact you have on their business.

Agency Level Reporting

Preparing monthly client reports are time consuming. Not with ActiveDEMAND. Use drag-and-drop widgets to create report templates once and use them on a regular basis.

Deliver Leads

ActiveDEMAND is an integrated marketing platform which means it is able to track and monitor contacts. When client contacts become sales ready, leads are automatically sent to clients on your behalf.

Full Funnel Engagement

Agencies that help clients with customer retention will appreciate ActiveDEMAND’s ability to market to existing customers. Keep your client’s brand top-of-mind throughout the buying journey.


Execute Services Faster and Easier

ActiveDEMAND Agency Marketer is an integrated marketing platform with built in templates that enable you to create multiple online assets that work together in a cohesive campaign to deliver results.



ActiveDEMAND includes email & landing pages that automatically inherit the brand you set-up for your clients. Quickly & easily create professional looking online assets.

Email Marketing

ActiveDEMAND’s email marketing capabilities help you deliver marketing communication initiatives for your clients. Easily segment lists and create personalized messages for maximum results.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are key to online campaign conversions. Drive new contacts and leads for your clients with built-in landing pages. Easily drop-in forms and customize them to collect the exact information your client needs.

Online Form Capture

ActiveDEMAND Agency Marketer includes a powerful online form builder. Generate forms, host them on third party sites and capture information. Customize auto-responders and follow-up emails too.


Built for Marketing Agencies

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