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Building Successful Drip Campaigns

Building Successful Drip Campaigns

Not sure what kind of campaigns to build in ActiveDEMAND beyond a basic email campaign? This month's ActiveDEMAND Chat is for you!

Adriel will chat about our most successful nurture campaigns and how we used ActiveDEMAND to create them. He will provide examples of the campaigns, explain what we wanted to accomplish with each, and outline how you can use these campaign ideas for your own business.

He'll cover:

  • Post Sale Nurture campaign
  • Feedback/Periodic Survey campaign
  • Weekly follow up for sales
  • Appointment reminders
  • Appointment missed - get them to rebook
  • Whitepaper download nurture campaign

Lots of questions are encouraged! We want to offer the most value to you with this series so feedback about the presentation and content is always welcome and appreciated.


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Building Successful Drip Campaigns

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