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3 Creative Ways One Marketing Agency Keeps Bringing Home the Bacon

Times are tough for Marketing Agencies trying to succeed in business, increase their retainers and keep 'bringing home the bacon'.

The marketing landscape is constantly changing. Clients are demanding more. Technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Closing business while facing these challenges is tough. One marketing agency is taking a new approach and winning clients.

So what are the key things Marketing Agencies can do to keep the business rolling in and stay one step ahead of the competition?

Join Adriel Michaud, Partner at Top Draw to hear about the strategies his marketing agency is using do just that.

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What you'll learn by viewing the webcast:

  • One marketing agency's approach to winning clients.
  • What data Top Draw is reporting to their clients that makes them heros.
  • The tools Top Draw uses to deliver their on-line and off-line initiatives.
  • How Top Draw has revamped their client communication to show the wins as they happen.


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3 Creative Ways One Marketing Agency Keeps Bringing Home the Bacon
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Featured Presenters

Brian Neufeld,

Brian Neufeld is the Chief Marketing Officer at JumpDEMAND. Since 1998, Brian has been working with companies to help bridge the gap between sales and marketing. He has a strong background in online marketing and working with sales teams to deliver leads. In the past, Brian has worked as the Director of Marketing for both large and small industrial software companies. Currently Brian works with small and medium sized businesses to help develop strategic demand generation plans to grow businesses.

Adriel Michaud
Top Draw

Adriel Michaud as Partner and Director of SEO at Top Draw, Adriel is committed to maximizing ROI for his clients. He helps companies understand how effective internet marketing can drive their business forward and set them apart from the competition. His fact-based approach to web analysis, along with his extensive industry experience, translates into business process improvement and online success. Adriel holds current certificates in Google Adwords and Google Analytics. Adriel has traveled extensively as a consultant and presenter on such topics as lead generation, search engine marketing and sales.

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