Take Control of your Sales and Marketing Alignment

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Take Control of your Sales and Marketing Alignment 

Together, lead management and marketing automation provide a unified platform for both teams to track and analyze customer activities and behavior. Seamless integration optimizes customer relationships and provides aligned sales and marketing systems with shared synchronized data and activity they need to do what they do best.

Learn how aligned data management strategies and improved system integration accelerate the flow through your sales funnel - and close more business.



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Take Control of your Sales and Marketing Alignment

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Featured Presenters

Shirine Ziar Shirine Ziar,
US Manager, noCRM.io

  • US Country Manager with a background in digital marketing
  • Currently heading the noCRM.io New York office

Sean Leonard Sean Leonard,

  • CEO and founder of ActiveDEMAND
  • Dedicated to helping businesses with advanced emarketing strategies, marketing automation technology, sales and marketing expertise that is simple effective, and affordable.

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