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Step 1: Download your guide.

Step 2: Get the Funnel Template

You don't have to build your Funnel from scratch!

Save time and execute your campaigns more efficiently with ActiveDEMAND funnel templates. We have created a Funnel-in-a-box 'Drive Web Projects' template, with all the funnel framework discussed in the guide already set up.

What you get in the 'Box' are two campaign templates you can clone and adapt to your needs, based on the Funnel guides description.

Funnel Campaign Template
This is the main user drip campaign to plan your sales funnel, monitor the progress and report on results.

✔️ Planning, Monitoring and Reporting Funnel
✔️ Landing pages and lead capture forms
✔️ Funnel recovery email drip
✔️ Tracking links for use in promotional campaigns

Promotion Campaign
This is a sample email campaign to drive prospects to your funnel, but you also have other options. You can also create different campaigns, manually add prospects to the user drip, or direct prospect to the top of the funnel via paid ads, blog or video links and more,

✔️ Email and social media to drive attract prospects to your Funnel

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The Funnel-in-a-box 'Drive Web Design Projects' template is available as cloneable campaign in our free trial accounts.


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