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The ActiveDEMAND Advantage

ActiveDEMAND is a complete integrated marketing platform that includes Phone Call Tracking Software. With ActiveDEMAND’s call tracking software you can see exactly what incoming calls are occurring as a result of your marketing campaigns. Track calls from any campaign including PPC call tracking, SEO, social media, and even offline advertising.

ActiveDEMAND costs less which means even better ROI for your business.

Powerful Platform + Lower Costs = Best Choice for Your Call Tracking Needs 


Call Tracking Metrics Track Everything: Before, During and After the Call

ActiveDEMAND Phone Call Tracking software provides full market attribution tracking. With call tracking analytics discover: How did the prospect find your number? What did they look at before they decided to call? What pages did they visit the last time they were on your site? What are they looking for now? ActiveDEMAND knows!


ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking Automated Web Session History

Automated Web Session History

When a person is viewing your website when they decide to call, ActiveDEMAND automatically associates the website visit with the call. You can see all of the pages the prospect visited before the call was made.

ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking Automated Call Redirect

Automated Call Redirect

ActiveDEMAND works great with sales teams. If a contact is assigned to a sales person, whenever that contact calls a tracked number, the call is automatically redirected to the specific sales person.

ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking Call Recording

Call Recording

ActiveDEMAND enables you to automatically record all telephone conversations for a specific number, inbound and outbound! This can be particularly useful when training new sales staff or wanting to ensure call quality.

ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking Call Lead Scoring

Call Lead Scoring

Not all tracked phone calls are equal. With ActiveDEMAND’s built in lead scoring capabilities each tracked phone call can have a custom lead score based on such factors as previous visits, campaign engagement, job title, etc.


Leverage Automated Call Features

ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking software also provides functionality for campaign nurturing and automated customer follow up communication.


ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking Dynamic Number Insertion

Dynamic Number Insertion

ActiveDEMAND will dynamically display the correct call tracking number based on the user context using an advanced dynamic number insertion algorithm.

ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking Whisper Messages

Whisper Messages

ActiveDEMAND enables you to add a whisper message. These messages are played when a configured number is called. You can use a “whisper” message to let your reception, sales person, support or other staff member know what campaign the phone call is associated with.

ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking Click to  Call

Powerful Click to Call Features

The Click-To-Call feature connects your Sales people directly to the contact with one click. Call-Me-Now web-forms make it simple and easy for prospects to connect with the sales team from any landing page or mobile asset.

ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking Automated Robo Calling

Automated (Robo) Calling

Is a client behind on a payment? Automatically trigger a friendly reminder call. Or when promoting an event, use a phone call reminder to increases attendance.


CallForensics™: The Tools to Get the REAL Information from your Call Tracking Data

While some call tracking packages may provide data, ActiveDEMAND CallForensics™ also provides the tools you need to review that data and deliver you the REAL information you need. CallForensics™ provides answers to questions like: How many inbound calls are REALLY sales leads? How can you provide tracking numbers to your most promising prospects? Are you paying too much in DNI pool costs? Are your sales calls and conversations truly effective? ActiveDEMAND CallForensics™ lets you find out.


ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking Call Context

Call Context

ActiveDEMAND automatically associates all website session information with a person before they place a phone call. While the call is being connected, ActiveDEMAND emails the details of the website visit to your sales staff! They can see all of the places the prospect visited and establish the full context of the call before the sales person begins talking!

ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking Full Call Transcription

Full Call Transcription

ActiveDEMAND not only records each call, it’s powerful voice-to-text capabilities provides full text transcription of each call. The benefits of converting every phone call to programmatic searchable text are limitless! Sales Training, Improved Reporting, Campaign Triggers, etc.

ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking Keyword Monitoring

Actionable Keyword Monitoring

ActiveDEMAND’s CallForensics™ enables you to automatically monitor all transcribed telephone conversations, inbound and outbound. Score leads based on key words or phrases mentioned in the call. Trigger notifications, modify reports or initiate marketing automation campaigns based on keywords.

ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking Call Attribution

Improved Call Attribution

Proper call attribution is important for demonstrating the value of each lead. Not all phone calls are equal. With ActiveDEMAND’s CallForensics™ each tracked phone call can have a custom lead score based on such factors as presence of keywords, web session details, campaign engagement, job title, etc.


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